About Us

In 2018, GlastonBeoley held its’ first annual community music festival, raising money for charity.

Since then, we’ve managed to raise over £45,000 for local good causes.

Our ethos is simple – we want to provide an outlet for artists and musicians in the local area where currently there is very little provision. We aim to give the community in and around Redditch an affordable event that can be enjoyed by everyone – and finally, we aim raise money that we can give to local charities and CICs in the area afterwards.

We are now one of the few UK festivals (that we know of) who provide sign language interpreters for our key performances.

As a Community Interest Company ourselves, we work solely as volunteers. Our committee are an amazing bunch of people, and we value them highly.

Because we are run on a shoestring, all our bands and artists play for free – and we are never short of offers for the amazing talent that exists within Redditch and the surrounding area!

We pride ourselves on being able to create an amazing annual community festival. We rely on the financial support of others also make it happen too – incluyding our wonderful corporoate sponsors, volunteers, venue and suppliers.

We are delighted to have been acknowledged and praised by the world-famous Glastonbury Music Festival, but would like to point out that we are in no way connected or affiliated with them and operate our charitable activities independently.